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Who are John Hutchings Services Ltd?

John Hutchings Services Ltd were formed in 1987 were originally formed in 1987 with the sole purpose of providing top quality cleaning equipment and a customer service that is second-to-none. With over 30 years of experience, our knowledge and experience of the cleaning industry is extensive and has led us to become one of the highest performing and most highly respected Karcher dealership in the entire United Kingdom and the only Karcher Center in the whole of East Anglia.

John Hutchings are a friendly, independent and family-run business, and pride themselves on an outstanding reputation for customer service, dependability and their ability to treat each and every customer as a distinct individual. John Hutchings realise and appreciate that every single customer has their own specific needs and that every customer is of equal importance to them. The success of John Hutchings is due to our loyal customers, so they strive to ensure that they look after every single customer as an individual, irrespective of whether they are a home user or the largest of multinational corporations.

Based in the most easterly town in the UK, Lowestoft, in Suffolk, John Hutchings has very quickly become one of the leading suppliers of Karcher products for Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire

The primary aim of John Hutchings is to ensure that our customers always receive the best advice and the best products at all times. Valuing their customers is integral to the way in which John Hutchings manage their business and ensures that every customer is looked after individually by working as part of the customers team whilst remaining in-tune and agile to our customers needs and requirements.

In order to achieve our aims, John Hutchings strive to follow these simple rules when dealing with our customers.

  • To offer the best advice at all times
    John Hutchings will not simply sell you something if we feel there is a better solution or we consider the cleaning equipment you wish to purchase would not be the right machine for you

  • To offer the best, most innovative products
    Whilst Karcher products may not always be the cheapest available, what we do offer are QUALITY products at competitive prices. There’s no point in saving money if the product doesn’t perform as it should do.

  • To listen to our customers and solve their problems
    John Hutchings believe that to provide the very best service available, we have to work as a team. We need to learn about your needs and requirements as a customer and so that we can provide appropriate advice and products at all times.

  • To constantly learn from experience
    John Hutchings have no doubt that very occasionally our advice isn't correct, the product we recommend isn't the most effective or simply your staff don’t get on with a product we have supplied. John Hutchings like to hear about our customers experiences and receive their feedback whether it is positive or negative, so that we can actively learn about the Kärcher Products we supply

John Hutchings understand that sometimes our customers are just ordering a product as a result of searching the web and ordering on the spur of the moment, however, it is extremely clear that a high majority of customers return to make further purchases as a result of the high quality of our products, the advice they receive and the quality of the customer service we provide. All of the staff here at John Hutchings believe that whenever you purchase from us it should be a positive experience and we all want and strive to make that experience overwhelmingly positive!