Hot Water Pressure Washers

A range of Professional Hot Water Pressure Washers, accessories and detergents from Karcher and SiP Industrial. By heating the water as it passes through a boiler system, hot water pressure washers have even greater cleaning performance and efficiency for the same amount of pressure as their cold water counterparts. Ideal for cleaning on construction sites, factories, food production, driveway cleaning, vehicle valeting, logistics companies, haulage firms, farms and agricultural contractors or for professional cleaning contractors of all types, these tough, dependable commercial hot water pressure washers and their accessories are designed for demanding heavy duty professional day to day use. Available in 110 Volt, 240 Volt, 415 V 3 Phase, Petrol engine driven or Diesel engine powered machines for the best performance in rigorous and demanding business situations. With an option to heat the water using diesel-fired boilers or electrically heated boilers Professional Hot Water Pressure Washers give extremely high cleaning performance, efficiency and make cleaning highly productive by reducing cleaning times.

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