Steam Cleaners & Accessories

A range of steam cleaners for home use and professional commercial cleaners. Ideal for cleaning kitchens, toilets, bathrooms, hard surfaces, floors and textiles such as curtains and upholstery, steam cleaners range in size from the smallest handheld steam cleaner for home use right through to the largest Steam Cleaner with vacuum extraction for professional commercial use. Steam cleaners are highly effective cleaning machines that specialise in cleaning using just the power of steam to clean and sanitise. Steam cleaners are able to sanitise surfaces by killing upto 99.999% of all known bacteria and viruses without the need for expensive chemicals making steam cleaners the ideal solution for cleaning in sanitary areas or areas where high hygiene standards are required such as medical practices, veterinary surgeries, waiting areas, kitchens, toilets, washrooms or public facing areas such as changing rooms, gyms and fitness equipment. Steams cleaners are highly versatile, easy to use and cost effective to run. Every public facing business or proud homeowner should have one!

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